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A REGBUX (Paid To Click) is a website that pays its member for click and view Ads of other websites.

A REGBUX is the connection between advertisers whith the potential clients (members of REGBUX Sites). The advertiser pays a fee to the REGBUX that shares a part of that fee with its members, with the only condition that the members click and view the ads.

To earn money from a REGBUX site, you will have to click on a list of ads shown in your REGBUX member area, daily.

Why on daily? - because usually the REGBUX sites penalize the inactivity of your members.

The number of ads in different REGBUX Site, varies between 5 and 40 ads daily.

Clicking the ads can acumulate you between $0.001/click and $0.02/click.

You can earn more from every referral that you bring to a REGBUX site, well the amount earned increases considerably.

The REGBUX Sites, too have other offers for you like bonuses, contests, earn money from reading emails, earn money from signups, earn money for buy ...

You can't hold 2 accounts to the same REGBUX.

A REGBUX referral is a person that joins a REGBUX site through your referral link or a person that opened an account at the REGBUX site and that is attributed to your account by the REGBUX administrator through the process of renting or buying.

There are 2 REGBUX referrals types of categories:

• Depending on the way you get them:
Direct REGBUX referrals: is the person that joins the REGBUX site through your referral link.

Rented REGBUX referrals: much of the REGBUX sites are renting referrals for certain fees.

Bought REGBUX referrals: some of the REGBUX sites sell referrals.

• Depending on the referrals activity:
Active REGBUX referral: is a person that click on the ads available in the REGBUX account every day.

Inactive REGBUX referral: is a person that not click on the ads available in the REGBUX account every day.


Before you register for a REGBUX membership read carefully your TOS (Terms of service).
By that some of the REGBUX's have a rules as:

If you don't have activity in your account more than 2-3 weeks, the account will be suspended, and the worst part is that you can't make another account from the same IP address.

If you do not click your ads in one day, on the next day you will not receive the share from your referrals earnings.

You cannot bring more than 100 referrals, if your not a member.

You cannot earn more than 2x or 3x the amount you've invested in the REGBUX website.

Usually every REGBUX site comes with a number of ads which you have to click to earn the money.

The ads presented in your members area, can be clicked only once in 24h.

Have to do is check carefully the TOS for each REGBUX site to be sure that you will receive the credits for every ad you click.

You receive your credits and also credits from your referrals work if you respect the rules listed in the Terms of Service.


For example:
If you click on 25 ads/day to PKR 25 earned for every referral.

If you have 25 referrals, here's what you will have at the end of the day:

PKR 1 for your clicks and PKR 5 for your referrals clicks.

Your monthly earning will be PKR 4500

This example was for only 25 ads per day and only 25 referrals, but nothing stopping you from getting more people signup. Usually there are more than 6 ads per day on a free membership, a paid membership brings you either more ads per day either better paid ads.

If you don't know how to bring referrals and still you would have no problem at all because you can buy or rent referrals.



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